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All Summer

July 25, 2010

i dare you to not smile after watching this, bet you cant.

via the love Nagooyen

this is what summer should be about: everybody chilling, we aint worrying ’bout a thing


A While Ago

July 19, 2010

my friend Kip showed me this video and i pretty much died laughing.
forgot to share it earlier:

also, can we talk about how ridiculously amazing Inception was?!
i left the theatre absolutely dumbfounded and rode my bike back into Somerville in a complete and utter daze. I kept imagining the roads turning upside itself and weird random shit happening…
the movie was perfect.
&then i had fucked up dreams for the next two nights. hah.

0:48 was my favorite part.
wish someone would do an inception on me, i obviously am not afraid to dream big.


July 15, 2010

epic video.


July 7, 2010

I GOT MY NEW BIKE (courtesy of Open Bicycle no less) & ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.
it rides amazingly and
its the perfect bike.
and yes. its a size 48 and small as shit. fuck off.

my bike vs. Omar’s bike. mine’s so tiny compared to his :[

anyway. i’m in love with it and if anyone is looking to purchase a new frame/fork and not blow a fortune, i highly recommend Livery Design Gruppe based out in Orange County, CA.

&as always- openbicycle boys put this beaut together.

Introducing: Union Foundry

June 23, 2010

shot by Stebz from Paper Fortress, the video shows the first product run from recent company Union Foundry. Union Foundry is a partnership between Joshua Kampa and Aarone Panone with the aid of Michael Dacey of Repeat Press for packaging design.

Excerpt from Union Foundry site:
“T-0001 eliminates the need to carry a lockring wrench and chainwhip in your tool bag. Using a simple rotafixing technique, This tool allows for effortless removal and installation of lockrings using nothing more than your bicycle chain. The proprietary eccentric cutout allows for the tool to accommodate all popular lockring sizes from the small Sugino type to over-sized Profile type. The seventeen tooth cog on the outer diameter of the tool can also be used with a normal 1/8″-width chainwhip when in the shop. The tooth profile on the outside of the tool stems back to the ANSI standard for half-inch pitch roller chains, allowing for optimal contact and power transfer from the chain to the lockring. Tired of breaking your knuckles using that Hozan to muscle off your lock ring? We were, too…”

*product design and image via Repeat Press write-up on Union Foundry

i am so proud of these boys

also, check out the write up on the product on Prolly Is Not Probably

you’re the bestest ❤


June 20, 2010

people will time and time again disappoint you.
but there are friends you know that will always be there no matter how distant they are, and those are the people you know are purely perfect in your life and you in theirs.

F My Life…

June 16, 2010

i know their traffic has slowed but still…does anyone else find these things absolutely horrible and yet still make you laugh uncontrollably? or am i just an evil person on the inside? a little bit of both? i’m not sure.

“Today, I told my boyfriend of 7 months I love you for the first time. He said he thought we were just fuck buddies. We had sex twice. FML”